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Transform the push-me-pull-you relationship between you and your business into a source of joy and vitality


If you are tired and worn out because of pushing hard to get things done, it is because no one has shown you how to create energetic momentum in a way that is authentic to you as a conscious woman in business.

There is a way for women to be leaders in their field of expertise and feel alive, sensual and full of vitality at the same time.


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Let’s have a little heart to heart

If you are a healer, artist, coach or thought leader in a particular area, you need to be seen in a way that your prospective clients will be attracted to you.

For that to happen you must allow yourself to be seen fully. Are you hiding parts of your unique and wonderful self? To stay safe? In fear of rejection? To please others?

What I didn’t know for a long time is that if we unconsciously reject parts of ourselves, we actually hide our greatest gifts that want to be shared the most. For that to happen we need to embody all 5 Business Woman Archetypes in order to flip our core wounding into assets. Once that happens the breaks that hold us back from moving forward in our life purpose, are finally off. This creates incredible momentum and clarity in your business.

Your feminine potency holds the power to transform your deepest wounding into accelerated creativity. It is your feminine potency that fuels every aspect of your life and business and it’s your feminine potency that lights you up from the inside and attracts your ideal clients as well as financial abundance to you.

It is what makes your heart sing, fill your body with soft and vibrant vitality and create energetic momentum in a powerful way that is authentic to a conscious woman.

I teach women how they can utilise the power of their feminine potency to create a business that is 100% aligned to her. Within every woman resides a natural dynamo – that has the potential to bring life into being. It is the ultimate source for her creativity which we explore and draw from in my 3 Day Emersion & Elemental Woman Entrepreneur Programs and Private Days.


Hi, I’m Diana Bonwick (Deanna), Inspirational Speaker, Divine Feminine Business Mentor, Creatrix of Several Woman, Sexuality & Financial Abundance Programs and Inventor of the Elemental Woman Entrepreneur Calendar App. I support conscious women entrepreneurs who want to build a profitable business that makes their heart sing, and fill their body and life with joy, magic, and deep satisfaction.

How I discovered the hidden power of my sexuality

It all began when I was working as a yoga therapist and healer, running a complimentary health centre with 8 practitioners over 20 years ago.

In 1995 my world fell apart… I lost my second baby two days after birth, which turned out the biggest catalyst for the work I do today.

I found myself struggling to recover physically and emotionally from the trauma of loss and abandonment. I had to find a way to free myself from the battle of living with grief and chronic illness. And I had a yearning to make sense of my journey and somehow bring it to the work I was meant to do in my life.

My attempt to move forward by bypassing my emotions and focus on all the positives, failed badly. It was not until I found myself diving deeply within my deepest wounding and began to flip that into my greatest assets that my life purpose became crystal clear and my life’s work began.

I could have never done this without reconnecting to my natural feminine potency as woman. It was the same life force or sexual energy that created my baby, that then fed and healed my body.

My own transformational journey as well as my work with many other women entrepreneurs, inspired me to create the 5 Business Woman Archetypes. Since then this work has helped many women transform their deepest pain into the ultimate source of limitless creativity in their life and business in order to create financial abundance sustainably from overflow.

I want to show you how you can do the same

I’ve designed several Woman, Sexuality & Financial Abundance Programs to support conscious women in business to ignite their natural feminine potency and create a businesses that is 100% aligned to their purpose and make the money they are wanting to make.

Are you ready to join a new generation of conscious women in business who are creating financial abundance sustainably from overflow?

Your first step is to understand your personal Default Business Woman Archetype, which will show you where you tend to get stuck when it come to making money.

If you feel like, “Yes please” I’d love to invite you to schedule an Archetypal Assessment with me, right here.

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Cool facts about me

I met my husband 28 years ago…I hitched from Adelaide to Melbourne and he picked me up…literally on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere

Mother of 3 awesome children and Grandmother to Lexie and Riley, which I totally adore.

Intimate Lover of nature and wildlife…

I arrived from Germany in Australia alone, at the age of 21 and backpacked around the country.

I’ve looked for Crocodile eyes at night in the Cockatoo National Park.

I once drove a Porsche, at 250Km…my grandfather was a racing car driver.

Even though I had never before been on stage before, I got the leading role in a musical twice. Once as Grace Farrell in Annie, and the second time as Glinda in the Wizard of Oz.

A wild bird fell in love with me once and kept following me around for a whole day on my head… all that because I told her that I loved her…

One of my favourite things in life is walking in the bush at night by myself.

I’m a creatrix and artist at everything I do…I’m a bit obsessed with designing everything from scratch. Everything is a piece of art to me…even stacking dishes.

To share your unique gifts you must first embrace All of yourself


Diana Bonwick Bio

Diana Bonwick is an inspirational speaker, divine feminine business mentor, creatrix of several Woman, Sexuality & Financial Abundance Programs and inventor of the Elemental Woman Entrepreneur Calendar App. She is available for speaking in front of smaller and larger audiences.

To invite Diana to speak at your events, contact info@elementalwomanseminars.com.

When it comes to building your business sustainably and creatively she is the expert in the field. She is a thought leader in the field of Woman, Sexuality & Financial Abundance. Diana has designed a support system for conscious women in business to stay anchored, fuelled up and highly productive as they often juggle multiple areas of their lives.

She works with conscious women entrepreneurs in Australia and overseas. Her workshops and events open up profound understanding for women about themselves and connects them with a power that is far greater than they ever expected.

Diana inspires women with her own rich tapestry of life of being lover of beauty, nature, family and the freedom to express all of who she is.

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