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I’m Busting to Tell You

Happy New Year Gorgeous Woman! May this be the most prosperous year to date for you. I have been thinking of you throughout December and have been wondering how you have gone with your dreaming for your life and business. I wished I could have been a little mouse and...

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We’re almost there. Are you ready?

We have almost arrived at the doorway into the New Year. Are you ready to receive, with an open heart, all that 2017 offers? Let's take a moment together to open up to receive more love and abundance in our lives. Gorgeous Woman, take time feel into your heart and...

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Are you finding it hard to receive support, love or money?

Do you struggle to receive support, love or money? If your answer is yes, then I have an wonderful gift for you right now. Allow me to show you an easy way to open up to receive more blessings. I'd like to share a simple yet powerful meditation with you that literally...

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Why did I wait almost 30 years

My life is full with family life, a house, a business.... However, there is no excuse to wait almost 30 years to experience something that means so much to me. How did I let this happen? For many years I could have made different choices and I'm clear that I am not...

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Going to sleep in a shoebox and awakening in the desert

Almost 30 years ago, I went from living in a shoebox in Europe to awakening in the desert of Australia. I grew up in apartments/townhouses that were very separate from nature. So how is it that, as a young woman, I ended up at Uluru, in the centre of Australia, not...

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Is it time to reset your life and business?

Hello Gorgeous Woman, Are you ready to blossom with Spring, which is just around the corner? Have you taken some vital time out to stop and slow down...to reset your life, to re-dream your life, to align your life to who you have become now? Have you made time to heal...

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It’s just not flowing that way – I don’t buy that

Hello Gorgeous Woman, how often do you say "it's just not flowing that way" or such and such hasn't happened, "it just wasn't flowing that way? Now sometimes that may well be true that we are simply not meant to walk down that path. But most of the time something else...

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Distraught, lost, confused

Hello Gorgeous Woman, have you worked incredibly hard to get to where you are now. You have put your whole heart and soul into your life and business. But for some reason despite all the effort you are putting in right now, life seems to have its own idea. Revenue may...

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Is there a part within you that is yearning to break free?

Have you been too busy fitting into a template instead of creating your own? Has it shut you down physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually? If the answer is yes to any of the questions I have good news for you. There is a way out into freedom for you, for me...

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Is your feminine heart yearning to blossom?

We all have thousands of blossoms within our heart and feminine soul, that are yearning to open. Does your garden of creativity have the right conditions for this to happen? Listen to my conversation with a little pink rose bush and how she goes about blossoming...

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