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“Diana Rocks! I am single mom of two teenage boys and I am an Ayurvedic practitioner with a full-time very buys private practice. I committed working with Diana just a few months ago. This was a very big step for me to invest money and time in myself and my business!

It was so worth it! Literally the minute I committed to working with Diana, the magic just started. I got invited to two seminars one in Italy and one in Brazil..almost fully paid for and help during this time for my boys.

When I started fully committing to myself, the flow started…I did not have to push for it, it just came and I needed to be ready and open to say YES!
Each time I started doubting or wanting to go into my mind and old patterns, Diana helped me to come back into my body, and tap into my feminine wisdom and empowerment.

Since I have started working with Diana, I unleashed more of my power and self worth. It is so much more fun to live so much more with this inner freedom.
Even though I had already a thriving and successful private Ayurvedic practice, I started increasing my prices with no problem at all, designing new seminars which filled immediately and with no effort and doubled my income. But most important I feel and am so much more myself! Life is despite so many ups and downs a beautiful feminine dance for me.
I love working with Diana and I am looking forward to more and more expansion.“

Jutta Hecht

Creatrix of Diamond Woman, California, US

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