Elemental Woman Entrepreneur

12 Month Program
“Creating a life & business that ignites your life force and calls in financial abundance”

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Are you are a conscious woman in business who is tired of working hard and not making the money you want,

this is for you:

  • You are a coach, artists, healer or creative entrepreneur who wants to create a profitable business by pulling together all your skills, trainings & life experiences into a coherent body
  • You are serious about stepping into your purpose and greatness but fear is holding you back
  • You want to create a business that fits you like a tailor made glove
  • You want to make a good income and stay true to your own message
  • You have a desire to make a bigger impact in the world
  • You are a Coach, Artist, Healer or Creative Entrepreneur, who wants to create a profitable business by pulling together all your skills, training and life experiences into a coherent body
  • You want to create a business that ignites your life force and regenerates you as you create (instead of …fits you like a tailor made glove)

The Elemental Woman Entrepreneur Program is

designed to provide a container for you to birth a unique business from your essence by bringing ALL of you to it, making sure you are not leaving vital parts of you out that make you special and stand out:

  • Gain clarity on your life purpose underlying your business
  • Learn to move through your inner resistances in order to create financial abundance
  • Gain clarity what steps to take
  • Get clear on Marketing Message
  • Communicate your Message authentically
  • Learn how to communicate your Story
  • Setting up your Marketing Funnel
  • Breaking through the financial capping
  • Owning Your value
  • Sacred Sales Conversations
  • Aligning money and value
  • and much more

What Women Say About Diana

“From the moment I met Diana, I loved her. I loved how forgiving, non-judgemental and ecstatic she is to witness authenticity in others. Diana has a gift in making you feel held while the layers peel off. She is excited to see the raw

real you and that is hugely encouraging. I was frustrated with my professional life being a healer and artist. Instead of giving up painting, I have instead made it a big part of what I do. I now have a program that that supports me in offering all my skills and stay authentic.

EWE has taught me how to love all parts of myself, how to access my true desires and true calling. It has shown me that all parts of me can be seen and loved. I’m now ready to share them with the world.“

Tara Emmerson

Transformational Artist, www.taraemmerson.com, Victoria, Australia

“Diana Rocks! I am single mom of two teenage boys and I am an Ayurvedic practitioner with a full-time very busy private practice. I committed working with Diana just a few months ago. This was a very big step for me to invest money and time in myself and my business!

It was so worth it! Literally the minute I committed to working with Diana, the magic just started. I got invited to two seminars one in Italy and one in Brazil..almost fully paid for and help during this time for my boys.

When I started fully committing to myself, the flow started…I did not have to push for it, it just came and I needed to be ready and open to say YES!
Each time I started doubting or wanting to go into my mind and old patterns, Diana helped me to come back into my body, and tap into my feminine wisdom and empowerment.

Since I have started working with Diana, I unleashed more of my power and self worth. It is so much more fun to live so much more with this inner freedom.
Even though I had already a thriving and successful private Ayurvedic practice, I started increasing my prices with no problem at all, designing new seminars which filled immediately and with no effort and doubled my income. But most important I feel and am so much more myself! Life is despite so many ups and downs a beautiful feminine dance for me.

I love working with Diana and I am looking forward to more and more expansion.“

Jutta Hecht

Creatrix of Diamond Woman, California, US

This Intimate Group Program Includes:

  • 4 Live Training Intensives
    Each a 3 day fully catered retreat with Diana and her team
  • 6 Live Business Creation Days
  • We meet six times a year to create in community
  • 1 Personal Archetypal Interview with Geoffrey Bonwick to understand your mental and emotional tendencies & learned compensations which keep you stuck
  • Daily Support
    via our interactive Private Facebook Group
  • 20% Discount off all Products
  • Be Held and Seen
  • Energetically for 12 months by Diana and her team

Juicy Bonuses Included

  • Feminine Potency Embodiment $2.000
    3-month program for daily support during the year
  • Elemental Woman™ Teacher Training Certificate$5.000
    which gives you permission to teach the Elemental Woman™
    Practises in women circles or as part of the work you already do

I’m ready to step up and do the inner and outer work it takes to create a profitable business that is 100% aligned with my purpose.


How to Apply

“Dear Diana,

I am so deeply grateful that our paths crossed. You have been and always will be one of the most important people in my life. Your love, acceptance, guidance as well as generosity of taking me under your wing has been a blessing in my life.

EWE is an alchemical journey, that will bring you home to yourself and assist you to find what it is you have come to share in the world.
I was unsure of what it was I wanted to do. I had a desire though to find a way I could support myself in the world.

Since the beginning this journey, I have embodied myself! I share more of myself and I’m building confidence in the process.

I’m beginning to earn money for myself, off my own back, daring to be myself. I’m beginning to understand the relationship between value, self-worth, embodiment and receiving money”

Jessica Lillian

Mornington Peninsula, www.embodywomenswisdom.com

“Dear Diana,

thank you for holding such a beautiful space of inspiration and knowledge. Thank you for the wisdom you shared, the encouraging support and your belief in the Divine Feminine that now is alight in all of us.

We’ve been in business before and wanted to create a new business in an entirely different way, from feminine energy of receiving and intuiting. The tools You provided allowed the new business concept to ‘emerge’ rather than be forced.

Diana has a generous and authentic presence who always made herself available when support and encouragement was needed. She provided practical tools as well as understanding and insight.”

Carla Temple & Amelia Suckling

Melbourne, Australia, , www.consciousmenopause.com.au

Complete this short assessment that will be of great service to you whether you do the program or not. It’s part of the Archetypal Assessment to see what are your greatest strengths and challenges in business and whether you are ready to make the breakthrough in your business that you are wanting.


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