Elemental Woman 5-Day Winter Get Away


Gorgeous Woman,

There is a profound wisdom residing within you. If you could only access it, it would lead you safely and effortlessly through your life and business.Your wisdom is your inner Wise Woman. She is beating to her own drum. She has her own song. She has her own rhythm.

Your inner Wise Woman is connected to the Great Mother, the Mother of all Mothers. She is your sacred guide to bring this world back into balance by returning women back to their own rhythm and cycles.

But here is the truth. If you are disconnected from your feminine potency, then you are also disconnected from your inner Wise Woman. Women Healers, Artists and Creative Entrepreneurs are now being called to return to their true nature in order to become ambassadors for profound change in the world.

Gorgeous Woman,

Are you working hard to get stuff done? Do you spend much of your time and energy wondering how to do the next step in your life and business? Perhaps you are a doer, but you know deep down that you are lost, not on course and out of alignment with your soul’s calling. This is because you are very likely disconnected the from the most powerful part of yourself… your natural potency as woman.

Once you return to your native feminine potency, you are on fire. Your inner Wise Woman receives the sacred signals from the belly of the Great Mother. Just like the whales communicate from many miles away with each other.

In a similar way, the traditional owners of this land can feel where water is to be found below the surface of the red earth.

You will never feel alone again when you are creating your projects in your life and business. Once you reconnect to your feminine potency as woman, you reconnect to your own inner rhythm, your own beat, your true calling.

You’ll be able to pick up signals where ever you are from prospective clients, who send out their prayers of hope, waiting for you to respond and answer.

Instead of spending much of the time in your head, feeling overwhelmed and drained trying to figure things out, you can tune in with your powerful feminine potency… and this is when the magic happens.

The most amazing fact is, this is as natural to you as breathing, once you know how to connect in. Women report this to me time and time again. They are surprised that they haven’t known how to do this before. There is a deep sense of coming home at last.

Experience the Luxury of ‘Sails in the Desert’

A 5 Star Hotel, beautifully decorated with earth tones throughout.

Here is the sad truth:

Women have been disconnected from their true Divine Feminine Being for centuries; if not millenniums. This lost state of being has been passed down through generations for far too long.

Will you answer the call and bring the fire back into your belly? The fire that effortlessly creates abundance in every area of your life. The fire that ignites your creative juices like never before.

Your feminine potency guides you when you need to make personal or professional decisions. It is time to reconnect with your dreams in order to create more effortless abundance in all areas of your life, be it in your relationships or in your business. If you are a healer you are naturally connected to the spiritual world. In order to action your soul’s calling, you must be connected to the powerful creative forces within yourself. This is the way to return to the creative vortex of our Mother Earth. There is no other way.

Once you bring your creative potency back to life, you’ll be unstoppable. You’ll be like the whale. Big and bold, slipping through the ocean of life with ease and clear direction. You’ll be on course, 100% aligned with your purpose and you will finally be able to attract and receive the level of abundance you have been yearning for.

Have I always known how to do this? Hell no! I used to live more like an angel who never touched the earth with my feet. I was deeply connected to the father aspect, the Divine Masculine or Consciousness. I still am. But in 1995 my world was turned upside down and it has literally never been the same since.

I lost my beautiful baby boy, my second born child, Mejda, two days after birth. My body began to shut down very quickly. I became chronically ill. I ran a complimentary health centre and worked as a yoga therapist preparing women to birth their babies naturally.

Gorgeous Woman,

Come and sit with me. Let the Great Mother awaken you to the fullness of who you are as a woman. Open to your innermost yearnings and dreams. Allow her to fill you and nourish you back to life. It is my honour and joy to hold space for you to do so. – Diana Bonwick

But then life called me to live submerged in the Australian bush. There I was, with a body which had no clue how to cycle, needing to return to full health after losing my baby boy. I spend a lot of time and money in my effort to get better, but the answers didn’t come until much later.

The magic began to unfold as I lived submerged in nature. I became part of it and eventually I was just like one of the trees in the bush. It was absolute bliss. I communicated deeply with our Mother Earth. Whether it was my connection with the wild life and the wattle bird who fell in love with me, sitting on my head one day, more and more messages came from our Mother, the Mother of all Mothers.

Once I was shown how to put my roots into her belly to receive her life into my creative vortex, my life was on course. I felt powerfully aligned to my purpose. My health returned. I found my voice to speak my truth . I was able to set boundaries. My ability to communicate my inner yearnings to those I love, awakened… and the healing and expansion just kept unfolding.

I so want that too for you. Will you join us?

Your first step is to have an Archetypal Assessment with me. This will give you huge value in terms of knowing you default pattern when it comes to succeeding in any project of your choice. You really want to know the traps you tend to fall into, so in future you can avoid them.


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Hi, I’m Diana Bonwick, Inspirational Speaker, Elemental Alchemist & Divine Feminine Business Mentor, Creatrix of several Elemental Woman™ Programs and Intuitive Inventor of the Elemental Woman Entrepreneur Calendar App.

With much grace and ease I now run a fast growing 6 figure business that is fuelled by my calling, to reach women globally. My body sends out powerful clear signals that tremor right through the earth calling women healers & artists to their authentic truth and nature as an Elemental Woman Entrepreneur.

It has taken me decades of life experience, listening deeply within, research, study, experimentation and over 30 years of profound commitment, to develop this life changing work. You, however, can receive this in just 5 days. The content alone is worth well over $10,000, which you can have that for less than half. The experience, clarity and transformation you get is priceless. Finally, there is an authentic powerful business template for women:

  • Learn how to implement the Elemental Woman™ Creation Cycle.
  • Save time and money by embodying the 5 Business Woman Archetypes.
  • Receive powerful daily practices to regenerate your body.
  • Transform your sabotage shadows that stop you from being successful.
  • Become the ultimate Creatrix by putting your roots down into the Divine Feminine Vortex.
  • Align your business to the natural rhythms and cycles.
  • Learn about a woman’s 9 essential keys to financial abundance.
  • And so much more…

Do you yearn to serve more people from overflow of life force and vitality?

Start with your personal Archetypal Assessment!


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Women have shared with me that when I put my roots down into the belly of the Great Mother, I take those around me with me. I become a channel, a Divine Alchemist. Our Mother’s healing and guidance comes alive through me and everyone is fed directly from her source.

You could be my next success story!

Tara Emmerson“From the moment I met Diana, I loved her. I loved how forgiving, non-judgemental and ecstatic she is to witness authenticity in others. Diana has a gift in making you feel held while the layers peel off. She is excited to see the raw real you and that is hugely encouraging.

Elemental Woman has taught me how to love all parts of myself, how to access my true desires and true calling. It has shown me that all parts of me can be seen and loved. I’m now ready to share them with the world.”

Tara Emmerson, Transformational Artist, Melbourne, Australia

Special Bonuses…

The best part is that as soon as you say YES to joining our 5-Day Elemental Woman Winter Business Dreaming, you will begin your journey immediately with our Feminine Potency Embodiment Online Training.

  • You will learn what’s behind the Elemental Woman™ Entrepreneur Calendar App and how to utilise it to create abundance from overflow.
  • Implement the Elemental Woman™ Creation Cycle to successfully attract financial abundance in your life and business
  • Embody the Five Business Woman Archetypes and learn when in the cycle they are most active for empowered business practices.

Allow this powerful environment to awaken your Elemental Woman within

Gorgeous Woman, it’s time to fall in love with YOU.

Give yourself the gift of knowing who you really are.

I want you to know you deserve this.


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Start the journey and book your Archetypal Assessment with me now!

More Value…

This year is the 30-Year aniversary since I first visited Uluru in 1987 as a young courageous back packer from Germany. I had such a profound awakening in the desert at that time, that sowed the seeds for Elemental Woman™. Today this life changing body of work offers a ground breaking business template for feminine healers, artists and creative entrepreneurs around the world.

To celebrate this major mile stone we have added some amazing experiences for you:

  • Mount your Camel at Sunset on the first evening to connect with the endless sky and red earth.
  • Tali Wiru – 3 Course Dinner under the stars in the red dunes in the middle of the desert
  • A surprise is waiting for you on our Full Day’s trip to the Seven Sisters Cave


Still More Value…

As part of the Training you will receive a 60 – 90 min Archetypal Assessment before the retreat as well as one Integration Mentoring Session after the retreat (valued at $750) to bring lasting value to your life and business.

Plus you will receive my powerful Elemental Woman™ Entrepreneur Poster (valued at $450), which allows you to plan the essential activities in your business to create finanacial abundance from overflow.

The Elemental Woman™ Training is experiential in nature. You are not just going to sit around learning strategies. This is about owning WHO you are, being the woman who is ready to step up and opening to receive the life you have come here to live.

And one more amazing Bonus…

Because you are going to radiate your feminine light so dazzingly bright, we want to capture your wild beauty, by a super passionate and talented photographer. During the 5 Days you will have your own photo shoot… and you will receive your favorite photos after you return home.

These images will be your medicine and will always remind you who you truly are.

They will be perfect for your website and marketing material to allow prospective clients to really see YOU… I get goose bumps just with the thought of it.

Is your woman’s heart and soul calling you home?

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“Diana Rocks! I am single mom of two teenage boys and I am an Ayurvedic practitioner with a full-time very buys private practice. I committed to working with Diana just a few months ago. This was a very big step for me to invest money and time in myself and my business!

It was so worth it! Literally the minute I committed to working with Diana, the magic just started. I got invited to two seminars one in Italy and one in Brazil..almost fully paid for and help during this time for my boys.

When I started fully committing to myself, the flow started…I did not have to push for it, it just came and I needed to be ready and open to say YES!

Each time I started doubting or wanting to go into my mind and old patterns, Diana helped me to come back into my body, and tap into my feminine wisdom and empowerment.

Since I have started working with Diana, I unleashed more of my power and self worth. It is so much more fun to live so much more with this inner freedom.

Even though I had already a thriving and successful private Ayurvedic practice, I started increasing my prices with no problem at all, designing new seminars which filled immediately and with no effort and doubled my income. But most important I feel and am so much more myself! Life is, despite so many ups and downs, a beautiful feminine dance for me.

I love working with Diana and I am looking forward to more and more expansion.”

-Jutta Hecht

Join us for this life changing experience at Uluru,
surrounded by hundreds of miles of red desert in Australia

13 – 18 July 2017

Wildflowers grow on the sand dunes of the Simpson Desert in Australia

Can you feel your feminine spirit calling you home?..


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Schedule Details

  • Day 1: After you arrive and settle into your luxurious twin hotel room, your camel will take you through red dunes, as you take in the extraordinary sunset with views to Uluru and Kata Tjuta, allowing the old “you” to wash away, to welcome the extraordinary woman you are in the days to unfold.
  • Day 2, 3 and 4: You will have a set daily rhythm to embrace a perfect balance of Elemental Woman™ Archetypes & Business Concepts with experiential embodiment practices to develop an acute awareness of yourself. A lot of life force will be moved to naturally break down inner limitations and create shifts physically, emotionally and mentally. You will gain a deeper understanding into the Elemental Woman™ Creation Cycle in order to open your doors to feminine abundance.
    You will integrate your new understanding and experiences into everyday business planning.
    I’m beyond excited about creating this profound experience for you. This will not only change your results in business but also shift how you view yourself and how you allow yourself to be seen by others.
    It will change the way you feel physically and emotionally. Your creativity will go through the roof by applying this knowledge. This will get your life and business on purpose. I can’t wait.
  • On one of the nights you will attend Tali Wiru, an extraordinary experience of fine dining in the middle of the desert on our own secluded dune under the canopy of desert stars.
  • Day 4: A surprise will wait for you at the Seven Sisters Cave on our Cave Hill Day Tour. This will take you to a secluded part of the desert away from the hustle and bustle of the Uluru Resort. I can’t wait to share this with you.
  • Last circle and celebration after dinner.
  • Day 5: After sharing our last breakfast together, you will head back to your home and take with you memories to last a life time. You know in the depth of your heart that you will always be held in the arms of our Great Mother, a sisterhood so deep and profound, you will know in every cell of your being that you have changed forever.

“Before the workshop I felt unfulfilled with my creativity and work, I felt I wasn’t all I could be, I felt a disconnection and loneliness. I also longed for a deeper intimate connection in my relationships. I was aware of the blocks & guards that I put up, and the doors I shut in my heart out of fear. 

The workshop helped me to gain a deeper understanding of myself. The space felt so safe and welcoming. It supported me to go to places within me that were closed off.

To be seen, appreciated and accepted is one of the most healing experiences. It is a profound gift. If I were to describe the essence of the workshop, I would say, it is sacred and divine gift to the feminine spirit. It was like a retreat into the healing waters of Mother Earth’s womb. The discovery of the divine & unconditional love that is present there, and also within my heart and body is like coming home.

Diana, I appreciate your authenticity and your profound understanding of women. You are honest and real. You share your personal experiences and you have created a body of work that allows profound shifts personally and professionally.

I feel so much more grounded. From this place I am able to have a deeper inquiry into my emotions. Even though we were doing deep work, I left each day feeling rejuvenated, like I had been bathing in the healing waters of the ocean.

If you are reading this right now and you are considering to do this retreat, remember you are a woman who is worthy of receiving the gift of your authentic self. You are worthy of receiving your hearts yearnings.

If you have forgotten, then give yourself the gift of an experience that will help you to remember who you truly are. Receive the keys to unlock the doors to who you are. It is such a profoundly nourishing experience, dive in!”

-Jessica Lillian, Melbourne, Australia

Will you open your heart and body to receive your calling?


Apply Here Gorgeous Woman

Frequently asked questions

Who is this 5-Day Uluru Winter Business Dreaming for?

It’s for healers, artists and creative entrepreneurs, who want to make a bigger impact in the world whilst receiving a high level of financial abundance, without compromising their health, relationships or femininity.

If you are a healer and artist and you want to start your business, this is for you.

Who is this not for?

It’s not for women who just want a lovely retreat and experience without a deep commitment and desire to implement the work and undergo a profound transformation.

What do I need to wear for this event?

Choose clothes that make you feel feminine and are comfortable to move in. Also pack outdoors clothes and walking shoes. A packing list will be provided after booking.

Do you cater for special dietary needs?

Special needs can be catered for. Please let us know about your requests and we will pass them on.

If you are still reading, a part of you probably knows that this is for you. If you feel a YES inside you, trust that and follow through with that inner knowing. It will be well worth it.

I’d love to show you how you can tap into your real potential by falling in love with your powerful potency to create the life and business you dream of.

Much love,


Gorgeous Woman, I would so love you to be there

and receive this profound gift


Register Now To Secure Your Spot


“If you feel like you’re leaning in when Diana or some other woman talks about it… get your butt to her retreat… your body will thank you. Your soul will thank you. Your body just knows when you need to do it.. So often our heads get in the way and we make excuses for why we can’t be there..like money or time or not making arrangements to have our children babysat.

Her work is so powerful your ego might try all sorts of tricks to keep you safe and keep you home. I know I ‘created’ a situation where my baby got his fingers stuck in the kitchen cupboard the night before I was due to attend Diana’s retreat.  I had to have the fire brigade over to get him out..and I panicked..thinking.. Oh no I can’t leave my baby and go on the weekend… and I knew better.. I knew there was something big waiting on the other side of this.. so I took it in my stride.

I had built up walls around myself wanting to be cautious..and now I’m so open to life.. as soon as I let go of a client.. another one showed up the next week.. The group programme I’d been dreaming up suddenly just had its own energy to it that I was allowing the life force to direct my next steps.. Wow!!! I am so in love with this work! I am so grateful for this woman Diana for her body of work. I just want to bow and kiss her feet and keep sending my blessings to the great mother for allowing this woman to enter my life. I have so much respect for this woman and the way she holds sacred space for women in circle.

My life got sweeter as a result of Diana entering my life and having her support.

Life was meant to be easy..and us women are meant to receive.. so if you’re feeling like Life is not flowing for you or your business sometimes feels like something’s not quite right.. Diana’s workshop will hold many gems for you to unfold. The best part is.. because your own body and your own awareness is what opens up.. the results are so much more powerful than someone telling from the outside.. “this is what’s up with you” and trying to “fix” you.

There’s none of that here.  Just potent life force waiting to move you to place you could only imagine x”

Nadhira Razack, The Conscious Woman in Business, Melbourne, VIC, Australia