Creating From Potency – Private Day

“A magical day designed to plan, create and commit to the breakthrough you deserve”


If you are a conscious women in business who knows something is not quite lining up for you, this is for you.

  • You are a healer/artist/coach and you are caught in a cycle of working too hard for not enough money and you are wanting to create financial abundance from overflow.
  • You are yearning to be seen in a bigger way. Or perhaps you want to get into public speaking and you want to light the fire of your feminine potency in order to be noticed and respected for what you offer.
  • You are starting out and you are yearning to create a body of work from your essence and Unleash your inner Creatrix in one fell swoop that is right FOR YOU about being a conscious woman in business.
  • You’ve reached a plateau in your business and you’re looking to activate your powerful feminine potency to get the river of inspiration and creativity flowing once again.
  • You are itching to create a unique high end program that reflects your value and feminine spirit and enables you to receive a higher level of financial abundance.
  • You’re looking at expanding on what’s currently working and you want support in clearing your inner blocks that hold you back in order to step up and shine your light in an even more beautiful way.

A Private Day with Diana is a 2-3 month support structure designed to activate your powerful feminine potency, in order to become that force of creation in your business that manifests from a place of aligned abundance and overflow.

Your Program Includes:

  • 1 x 60 min opening ritual via Skype/phone to get the juices flowing for our Creating from Potency Private Day (usually 1 or 2 weeks in advance)
  • Creating from Potency– Private Day – This 5 hour day takes place between 10am – 3pm and includes catered lunch and refreshments. If attended in person, this amazing day is held at Diana’s gorgeous Lotus Tree Studio on the Mornington Peninsula, near Melbourne, Australia, but it can be equally held via Skype or in another agreed upon city per Diana’s travel schedule.
  • 2 x 45 min follow up Mentoring Calls – Clarify any direction, after time to reflect, and have an accountability structure to ensure you stay connected to the energy you accessed in your Creating from Potency– Private Day
  • Free Bonuses include: Elemental Woman 4 week Online Training valued at $ 700 Elemental Woman Creation Cycle Chart valued at $ 450

Feel your desire to tap into your feminine potency to create financial abundance?


Your first step is to book an Archetypal Assessment with Diana.