“To share your unique gifts you must first embrace All of yourself”
-Diana Bonwick


Diana Bonwick Bio

Diana Bonwick is an Inspirational Speaker, Divine Feminine Business Mentor, Creatrix of several Woman, Sexuality & Financial Abundance Programs and Intuitive Inventor of the Elemental Woman Entrepreneur Calendar App. She is the Founder of www.DianaBonwick.Com.

Going from a time in her life when she lost her second baby two days after birth and completely shutting life out due to the trauma and grief of that event, she discovered that life was in fact right inside of her.
Diana discovered that life force or sexual energy that creates a baby can be utilised to feed and heal her body and light the fire of her creativity to fuel her business.
She is now the Go to Expert in helping women create sustainable lives and businesses utilising their feminine potency as the key to their energetic momentum.

In Diana’s experience people don’t get bogged down because of lack of strategy. They usually get stuck in their business due to their core wounding which they come up against again and again. Unknowingly most people avoid the very thing that will give them the greatest success and satisfaction.

Creating a business that is 100% aligned to one’s purpose is the ultimate path to personal growth.
Diana shares how understanding ones personal Default Business Woman Archetype has the potential to flip core wounding into women’s greatest assets. Once that happens the breaks that hold a woman back from moving forward in her life purpose, are finally off. This creates incredible freedom and clarity in her life and business.


“It’s a woman’s feminine potency that makes her heart sing and fills her body with soft vibrant vitality. It’s her feminine potency that gives her the power to flip core wounding into assets. A Woman like that owns her value and calls in Financial Abundance.”


Diana now shares her support system for conscious women in business with you, so you too can utilise your natural feminine potency in order to fuel your productivity and receive the money you want to make. All this whilst staying anchored, fuelled up and highly productive as you build a profitable business sustainably from overflow.



To invite Diana to speak at your events, you can reach her at info@elementalwomanseminars.com.